• Edlin & Giovanni
    Edlin & Giovanni

    Love blooms for our young couple during their college time to pursue their degree in medical. YES you hear us right, they both is qualified doctor now. Honestly I dont know how they did…
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  • I Only Have Eyes on You ( William & Engelica )
    I Only Have Eyes on You ( William & Engelica )

    We ADORE, Engelicas brave choices for her morning look. Simplicity at its best when she opts to showcase her gorgeous black hair in the simplest ponytail tied softly with white ribbon. She looks so…
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  • Postcard From Heaven ( Agus & Yunita )
    Postcard From Heaven ( Agus & Yunita )

    You know what they say, "distance makes the heart grow fonder, living in two different cities doesnt complicate their relationship. In fact their faith has elevated and they are stronger than ever as an…
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  • Love Is... ( Anton & Livia )
    Love Is... ( Anton & Livia )

    I stumble upon this beautiful poem and it sums up my personal experience spending it with Anton and Livia in Melbourne, and I hope it can inspired all the other love birds out there.…
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  • It Must Have Been Love ( Aldi & Sally )
    It Must Have Been Love ( Aldi & Sally )

    Finding a bad view in San Fransisco is next to impossible, every corner, every block and every inch of this charming city is filled with the juxtaposition of art, culture, charm of a vintage…
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  • You Are My Sunshine ( Valeza & Clarizza )
    You Are My Sunshine ( Valeza & Clarizza )

    They say If you want to be reminded of the love of the Lord, just watch the sunrise. With this beautiful settings and adding in the picture perfect couple of Valeza & Clarizza, all…
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  • Rico & Jacqueline Wedding Day
    Rico & Jacqueline Wedding Day

    We believe true happiness means sharing an effortlessly natural life. We believe intimacy is the most important ingredient in romance and we believe that Rico and Jacqueline has all the right ingredients to become…
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  • My Northern Light (Ardion & Vania)
    My Northern Light (Ardion & Vania)

    Earlier this February we traveled to all the way to Iceland, the Nordic island nation to experiencing the "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty" adventure. Why Iceland? The answer is Why NOT? We are…
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  • Megain & Venny Wedding Day
    Megain & Venny Wedding Day

    "A True Love Story Never Ends" You've probably seen a lot of wedding photos by now, so do I to be honest. As I relive the moments from Megain & Venny's wedding day the…
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  • Enigmatic Bromo Pre Wedding Of Erwin Melany
    Enigmatic Bromo Pre Wedding Of Erwin Melany

    I have difficulties to express or choose which one of this frame is my favorite, as I still recalled what a wonderful time I had with these super nice couple Erwin & Melany. It…
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  • William & Lulu Wedding Day
    William & Lulu Wedding Day

    "Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance." - Coco Chanel It is not very often we encountered a couple that honor simplicity and adopted a simple and elegant wedding theme quite like…
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  • Italian Riviera ( Chris & Carin )
    Italian Riviera ( Chris & Carin )

    Blessed is always my first reaction every time I meet a new couple. Blessed that they have find the one among the crowds. Brave to finally admit that you cant live with the other…
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  • Roger & Janice
    Roger & Janice

    One of a kind perfectly sums out Roger and Janice wedding. Their celebration screams out elegance and luxury, with the twist of rustic and effortless chic vibe. Started with the bride undone curled hairdo…
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  • Hot and Cold ( Robin & Angeline )
    Hot and Cold ( Robin & Angeline )

    Who would have thought the coldest destination can be one of our hottest destination of this year? Iceland, the land of everything cold turns out to be a stunning destination to do a photo…
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  • Rico & Jacqueline
    Rico & Jacqueline

    Let us introduce you to Rico & Jacqueline, whose magnificent Paris adventure may made us fell in love again with this city all over again. If we had to sum up their photos session…
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