• Aditya & Cindy Wedding Day
    Aditya & Cindy Wedding Day

    Je vous rve de loin, et, de prs, cest pareil, Mais toujours vous restez prcise, sans rplique, Sous mes tranquilles yeux vous devenez musique, Comme par le regard, je vous vois par loreille. Vous…
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  • The Look of Love ( Riko & Stefanie )
    The Look of Love ( Riko & Stefanie )

    The way Riko set his eyes on his beloved Stefanie without a doubt that is the look of a man falling deep in love. Her smile is his happiness, her joy is his blessing…
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  • The Lucky Ones ( Hendry & Venny )
    The Lucky Ones ( Hendry & Venny )

    Feels like, feels like, you know, It feels like falling in love for the first time Feels like, you know, It feels like falling in love I tried so hard to act nice like…
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  • Eric & Stephanie
    Eric & Stephanie

    Eric and Stephanie were our last couple to travel with us to the Nordic country last year. They happened to be my first couple in overseas, so it made this pictures of them extra…
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  • Felix & Rubyna Wedding Day
    Felix & Rubyna Wedding Day

    You must know the statement "Do what you love, and youll never work another day in your life. Sounds cliche? Well at first I thought it was very overrated until I have to work/slash/attend…
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  • Some Kind of Beautiful
    Some Kind of Beautiful

    While flipping through and arranging pictures of Franky and Fonny, it took me back to the first time meeting them. For me this first meeting still and always excites me. Getting to know them,…
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  • Kevin & Arlyn Wedding Day
    Kevin & Arlyn Wedding Day

    The first day of their happily ever after begun with a smile and prayer. Prayer to God to grant them a beautiful day for them to get married, to let go I and morphed…
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  • Kennedy & Steffanie
    Kennedy & Steffanie

    Reasons Why Our love is the long lasting kind; Weve been together quite awhile. I love you for so many things, Your voice, your touch, your kiss, your smile. You accept me as I…
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  • Sleepless In Seattle (Jeremy & Victoria)
    Sleepless In Seattle (Jeremy & Victoria)

    With the sun peeking outside, we thought its the perfect moment to share Jeremy & Victoria sweet summer escape to the place where it is all started Seattle and Los Angeles. The happy couple…
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  • Game of Love ( Aditya & Cindy )
    Game of Love ( Aditya & Cindy )

    Incredible lucky is best to describe for our remarkable couple. Not only blessed with good genes, kind heart and great sense of style, Aditya & Cindy are down to earth and easy going kind…
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  • Forever And A Day (Edlin & Giovanni Wedding Day)
    Forever And A Day (Edlin & Giovanni Wedding Day)

    Their forever starts last October where they solemnly promised to take each other as partner in life, through thick and thin, sickness and in health.. Well they both doctors so we have that cover…
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  • Edlin & Giovanni
    Edlin & Giovanni

    Love blooms for our young couple during their college time to pursue their degree in medical. YES you hear us right, they both is qualified doctor now. Honestly I dont know how they did…
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  • I Only Have Eyes on You ( William & Engelica )
    I Only Have Eyes on You ( William & Engelica )

    We ADORE, Engelicas brave choices for her morning look. Simplicity at its best when she opts to showcase her gorgeous black hair in the simplest ponytail tied softly with white ribbon. She looks so…
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  • Postcard From Heaven ( Agus & Yunita )
    Postcard From Heaven ( Agus & Yunita )

    You know what they say, "distance makes the heart grow fonder, living in two different cities doesnt complicate their relationship. In fact their faith has elevated and they are stronger than ever as an…
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  • Love Is... ( Anton & Livia )
    Love Is... ( Anton & Livia )

    I stumble upon this beautiful poem and it sums up my personal experience spending it with Anton and Livia in Melbourne, and I hope it can inspired all the other love birds out there.…
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