• Crazy, Stupid, Love ( Ruli & Mita )
    Crazy, Stupid, Love ( Ruli & Mita )

    When it comes to the words of love and romance, I don't think it means the same to every couple. Some like it cheesy, jumping up and down the couch, and showering their significant…
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  • One Fine Day In Shanghai ( Michael & Lydia )
    One Fine Day In Shanghai ( Michael & Lydia )

    Michael first laid his eyes on Lydia in Shanghai during their language course there. They begun their courtship, fell in love and decided to become each other life partner. And so does their 8…
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  • The Italian Job ( Robert & Yohana )
    The Italian Job ( Robert & Yohana )

    Other than photograph, traveling is always been my biggest passion, some even said I'm a jet lag chaser. People often asked me what is my most favorite destination. If only I could answer this…
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  • Dimas & Talla
    Dimas & Talla

    10 Things We Love From Dimas & Talla : 1. They are one good looking couple 2. Crazily in love 3. They have great sense of style 4. Greater sense of humor 5. Makes…
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  • From Ibiza With Love - Chinlink & Stephanie
    From Ibiza With Love - Chinlink & Stephanie

    The first thing that comes to my mind when hearing the name Ibiza is PARTY. It's true what people say about this small island, party is the main activity in Ibiza but what they…
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  • Jon & Vera - Tis The Season
    Jon & Vera - Tis The Season

    Greetings from PPF, we know its been long overdue. But with all the traveling and reaching the wedding season, finally we are able to share some of our finest love story from our beloved…
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  • Alvin & Silvia
    Alvin & Silvia

    We often asked to our darling couple the beginning of their story. This one is really extraordinary. They get to know each other through mutual friends. Actually Alvin's friend has a crush on Silvia…
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  • Albert & Steffi
    Albert & Steffi

    Greetings! Another year to be thankful and what better way to start 2014 other than covering another great love story. We are blessed to be part of #albersteffiwedding. Yup, the hash tag were used…
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  • William & Jessica
    William & Jessica

    It is always challenging and a bit nerve racking to meet the couple only one day before the photo shoot. This is the case of William and Jessica. Weve meet Jessica for few times…
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  • Wincent & Beflin
    Wincent & Beflin

    It is not very often you come across couple with significant name as Wincent and Beflin, so we thought we ought to do a one of kind photos too to celebrate their union together.…
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  • Kevin & Felicia
    Kevin & Felicia

    Weve done countless of time shooting in Bali, regardless it is a wedding day or a pre wedding photo session and this island doesnt stop to amaze me with its wonder. We all know…
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  • Putri & Ando Part 3
    Putri & Ando Part 3

    The celebration continued as the night approaches. Instead of the usual grand entrance Ando & Putri opt for the simpler version. The reception started by them waiting at the stage and greet and thanking…
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  • Putri & Ando Part 2
    Putri & Ando Part 2

    As I promised earlier we shall continue the celebration of Ando and Putris union, the most romantic and heartfelt moment of all, the Holy Matrimony ceremony. The fact is I have known Mrs. Dian…
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  • Putri & Ando Part 1
    Putri & Ando Part 1

    In this fast pace world we are living in, sometimes it is easier to forget about tradition and the roots where we come from for the sake of convenience. Hence we are thrill every…
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  • Janitra & Elizabeth
    Janitra & Elizabeth

    Snatching the most sought after vendor is probably one of the first priority after getting engaged. However the most beautiful dress, flower arrangement nor the fantastic decoration couldnt beat the chemistry of Janitra and…
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