• Ronald & Natalia
    Ronald & Natalia

    If you are clueless on what type of pre wedding photo you wish to have, where to begin, or you have no idea what type of couple you are, what you need to do…
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  • The Wedding of Nanto & Eda
    The Wedding of Nanto & Eda

    Bali has become the prime wedding destination that offers a arrays of option starting from intimate rustic wedding up till the glamorous kind, or for some couple that are trying to get away from…
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  • The Wedding of Agus & Evelyn
    The Wedding of Agus & Evelyn

    For Once In My Life - Stevie Wonder For once in my life I have someone who needs me Someone I've needed so long For once, unafraid, I can go where life leads me…
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  • The Wedding of Kyong & Siska
    The Wedding of Kyong & Siska

    And in her smile i see something more beautiful than the stars. Across The Universe by Beth Revis Love has no boundaries, it goes beyond our common sense, differences, language, religion, race and so…
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  • Tony & Debby
    Tony & Debby

    As I'm writing this I'm about to take off to my annual trip to Japan. Some might say it is easier to work with your best friend as you already know their character but…
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  • The Wedding of Baim & Ria
    The Wedding of Baim & Ria

    I dont know who are more nervous, the couple who are about to get married, or us the wedding vendors. Why? because for me being a wedding photographer I need to make sure I…
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  • The Wedding of Vincent & Listia
    The Wedding of Vincent & Listia

    Everything with the word first are always exciting and memorable. From the first date, first love or the first time that I have to write this testament for my first couple in Bali. Well,…
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  • Hendry & Olivia
    Hendry & Olivia

    Girl, I been thinkin' 'bout us And you know I ain't good at this stuff These feelings pilin' up won't give me no rest This might come out a little crazy A little sideways,…
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  • Danny & Ivonne
    Danny & Ivonne

    The very first time I met Danny; I was wondering why such a gorgeous and classy lady like Ivonne could fall into with this loud and annoying guy. But slowly as I get to…
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  • Johanssen & Bella
    Johanssen & Bella

    Treated me kind Sweet destiny Carried me through desperation To the one that was waiting for me It took so long Still I believed Somehow the one that I needed Would find me eventually…
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  • Michael & Natasya
    Michael & Natasya

    Michael and Natasya is a dream couple, they are gorgeous, have great taste in clothes, wine and food too, kind and effortlessly cool without even have to try. During our first meeting Tasya wishes…
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  • The Wedding of Kevin & Natasha
    The Wedding of Kevin & Natasha

    Having to spend few days with this fun and bubbly couple in Japan makes this journey more meaningful for us. They might look fierce and glamorous but the truth is they just like two…
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  • Hendry & Melissa
    Hendry & Melissa

    Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Some couples who are in a long distance relationships experience more intimacy and satisfaction. Hence there is a saying of distance makes the heart grow fonder, and…
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  • Steven & Craviana
    Steven & Craviana

    It wasnt love at the first sight for Craviana, that was I heard from them. But Steven is so determined to acquire the companionship that he is longing for and fight for it. Flowers,…
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  • Michael & Della
    Michael & Della

    Love is absolutely the one thing that you cannot give up on. It is the only thing that will make your life worth to live for. So if the cupid does strike, go after…
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